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LearningZen.com was built for corporate and organizational training. It’s not a scaled back version of a university style system, but a broad and all-encompassing learning management solution. It was built with training and certification in mind, not a semester of college.

LearningZen.com allows businesses and organizations to:

Reduce costs by building their own quality training programs
LearningZen.com doesn't have the academic bloat of other systems. If you can use a word processor, you can use LearningZen.com.

Generate revenue by selling courses
Course Authoring, Exams, Student Management, Access Control, and much more!

Pre-screen employees and volunteers
Test a person's knowledge before you hire them or begin their training. 

Collaborate with users to improve training programs
LearningZen.com provides forums, feedback tools, course notes, and a messaging system to collaborate with students and other educators.

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