Premium Services Pricing
Packages Users Authors Managers Training Standard Support 24/7 Support API Access Multiple Portals Annual Price
Bronze 25 2 2 $1,999
Silver 100 5 5 $3,499
Gold 500 10 20 $4,999
Platinum 5,000 50 Unlimited $6,999
Enterprise 5,000+ 100 Unlimited $19,999
White Label
White Label 5,000+ Unlimited Unlimited Contact Us

Feature for feature, is the most affordable LMS system on the market, and unlike the competition we don't hide our pricing!

Those who have shopped around know that the cost of ownership of an unlimited course Learning Management System with similar features to can be over $100,000 dollars annually.

Enterprise Level Pricing
For large organizations that need customization and multiple portal deployments provides enterprise solutions recommended for organizations with more than 5000 users. Enterprise Packages start at $19,999 and include an organizational needs assessment, multiple portals, and single sign on support. 

White Label Packages
For organizations that would like to have a "white label" version of with complete control over site branding and customizations, will work with your organization to deploy a separate instance of White label systems can be extensively customized and include the functionality of the Enterprise package. Call us for a professional needs assessment and estimate.

Standard support is phone and email support from 8:30 - 5:30 MST, and includes sign up boot camp training.
24/7 support is standard support plus after hours phone and email it also includes an additional 2 hours of annual web-based training.

Users = Any system users, including authors, administrators, and students

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Pricing FAQs

Does my portal have a set-up fee?

No, the cost of your portal is the price you see on the website.

Is the Training included or does that cost extra?

Yes the training is included. It includes a 2 hour boot camp training on administration, course creation and Manager training. We also have recorded sessions you can watch for free.

Are there additional fees for hosting?

No all of the hosting fees are rolled into the annual cost.

Is there a limit to the amount of content?

We currently have this set to an unlimited amount of content for every customer. There are per size file limitations so we don't have all of our users uploading huge files and negatively impacting performance. If you have a file that is larger than the site allows please contact support to discuss the options available.

How many courses can I make for the prices I am seeing on the website?

You can create as many courses with as much content as you want. Really, there's no hidden fees.

Can I have multiple people log in with the same user ID?

Each user must have a unique ID. That's why we use email address as the log in ID. This is how student progress is tracked and reported.

Got more questions?

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